Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Love Air Conditioning

It's cold in this fing computer lab...but why the hell am I complaining about that when its 157.3 degrees out? I had to plod over to the lab at high noon, because my apartment is the eqivalent of a death trap inferno most of the time these days. I feel guilty about turning the air on, because I know it pisses Nicole off, but sometimes I just have to say, well, I'd rather pay 5 extra bucks in electricity than die in a panting, heaving, pool of melted me.

I am gonna go see what Lisa Lou is up to in a minute... I hope she's home and I hope I can convince her to do something that involves air conditioning and very little effort, like going to the movies or something. I've already gone to the movies about 367 times since I've been back, it feels like. I just need to catch up on all the stuff I was missing in Ireland, where the new releases include Sweet November and Boys and Girls WARNING! Sex Changes Everything. Sheesh. But I did see the best movie of forever, a Swedish film called Together, at the Irish Film Centre, and its only know coming out here, so you evens out or something.

I miss my Ireland friends. I miss my sister. I miss alot of things. I called my parents night before last. I hadn't talked to them in months, excpet for the occasional brief email, and Chad answered the phone. We had a great conversation that just made my overemotional ass want to start bawling every other minute... Chad told me all about starting first grade, burning holes in things, (a little deviant following in his sister's proud footsteps), and all his friends in the neighborhood. It made me so sad, this whole little life that goes on without me there to see it, to really know it. And then he starting rattling off about Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, which made me even sadder, because it reminded me of Nin and Meegs and Colleen and Ann and singing such silly cartoon anthems on the ferry from Inismore and at the bar the last night before we left for home. Sigh. I wish I had the money to develop my pictures from the trip so I could publish them here...and cry...awww, fuck it. I'm going to the movies now.