Monday, December 10, 2001

Home for Christmas

I'm going home in one week and two and half hours from RIGHT NOW. Can you tell I'm a bit anxious to get there? I can't wait - the Nard Girl 5th annual holiday party, my mother's insane Christmas decoration schemes that put Martha to shame, movie day and after-Christmas bargain hunting with mom and Em, going to visit my girl Jen at her new school...its gonna be fantastic. Not to mention living somewhere free of roaches and construction and the silent treatment for a month will be heaven on earth in and of itself.
I was just re-reading this email my wonderful mother sent out to everyone she knows inviting them to our big Christmas day extravaganza, and I just got so touched. Not touched like crazy-Southern-screws-loose-touched but the sentimental kind. My mom is just so...unique! Alot of times she comes off as attitude-y and insensitive and not a little bit out of touch with reality, but reading this email she sent made me realize that its just that she is so fucking down with herself. She doesn't need to try to pander to other's wishes or restrain her silliness or sugarcoat what she feels because she doesn't need to depend on the opinions of others. She is just like, Fuck it, I am Queen Julie and I am the Shit. I wish I was like that. Maybe I will be someday...she had to go through alot of crazy shit to become to comfortable with just being who she is, consquences be damned. All I know is that no matter what differences (or similarities) have put us at odds over the years, my mom is fucking cool as shit and I want to be just like her. Except for maybe the perms. Promise me no one will ever let me get a perm at Carla's Casa de Beauty, ok?