Monday, January 21, 2002

Sex and the City Series

I am happily ensconsed in the Godlis apartment with a whole back catalogue of this season's Sex and the City and an extra large fan. Sadie and fam are out of town this week and invited me to swing by and hang if so desired, and after a day in my tiny, stuffy, lonely apartment, I decided to take them up on the offer.

Watched a movie tonight as well, Antitrust, that technothriller with Ryan Phillipe. Yeah, I know, when I saw the trailer for it at the movies, I thought, Oh How Lame. BUT....I've seen pretty every other teen movie out right now, and I was desperate for some cheesy teeny bopper biz.

I would have preferred something...pinker and girlier and sillier, but it was ok. Claire and Rachel Leigh are plenty pretty enough to make up for the silly plot stuff. Yawn...well, I'm gonna read, watch a lil Sarah Jessica, and