Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Learning HTML

OK, so I'm in the midst of trying to learn HTML in the most trial-by-error manner possible, and I've got a notebook full of almost-maybe-kinda content for this blog, so in typical half-assed manner, I present to you, a work in progress, the beginnings of a whole new blog.

Monday, November 12, 2001

Airplane crash in Queens

So this morning I was getting ready for school, and it was about 10 am,
time for Ricki Lake, so I turn on the TV to catch a bit of talk show
buzz while eating breakfast. When I first turned it on, it was a news
shot of smoke and fire, and I just flipped the channel to get to Fox
5. It's kinda weird how accustomed we've become to seeing bombs and
death and destruction on the news recently that seeing smoke billowing
from some pile of rubble doesn't immediately catch the eye anymore. So
as I flip to 5, I realize this smoke picture is on every channel, so I
stopped and realized what the fuck was going on. The airplane crash in
Queens. Of course, the first thought - shit, not again. The next
thought, shit, I gotta fly out next week, this is kinda scary. Then I
listened to what was assumed to have happened and was slightly calmed
by the many assurances that this was in all likelihood not a terrorist
act. But then you think about it, and its just like, goddamn, what
terrible luck New York has going on right now. Houses on fire in Far
Rockaway, no survivors of this crash recovered as of yet, while in
Lower Mnahattan the fires of the WTC still burn...its just spooky. I
know we all have had these moments, these "I can't beleive I'm living
this, the world is changing before my eyes" moments, but I had mine
this morning.
It was shortlived, because of course three minutes later, the phone
rings, and its my dad to make sure I'm ok. My roommate's male guest
answered the phone and I knew I was gonna get an earful about that. He
first made sure that I was ok and that no, I didn't want him to drive
from Tennessee to Manhattan to pick me up, and all is well, and then
dug in. "So...the person who answered the phone...that was a boy,
huh? What....?", and I had to assure him that it was a friend of the
roommate, no ardent overnight guest of my own, which was met with a bit
of hesitation and skepticism, which was when I made my big tactical
error. I told him that I knew he was gonna call about the plane crash
and if I had a guy over here would I let him answer the phone, knowing
my very overprotective and superconservative father was calling? He
conceded no, I guess not, but then I had planted the seed that I WOULD
have guys over, I just didn't TODAY, and when DO have all these boys
over, I HIDE it from him and its only because I'm WILY that I get away
with it. So then I had to aggressively defend my celibacy, to assert
the fact that the idea of having a sleepover boyfriend is pretty much a
laughable concept for me, and then I got kinda depressed about how true
that really is. Sheesh.
Then Tyler, a.k.a. Guy I Am Dating? Went on dates with? I Don't Really
Know What Is Going on?, called to ask me what was going on with the
crash, as he has no TV, so I talked to him a bit...we had another
really odd, marathon-type date again a few days ago and I hadn't talked
to him since until this morning...I don't know. Anyway, yeah, talked
to him, too, and was nearly late for school.
I had every intention of my next blog being about my Virginia
adventures a few weeks back, but I got all distracted by today's
events...perhaps another time. I was reminded by the dear and
marvelous Kevin that I hadn't filled the world in on my misadventures below the
Mason-Dixon line, and I really need to....